As a marinetransportation professional,to be a bridge to connect the world

ECL Agency is a spin-out company to handle vehicle terminal business from Eastern Car Liner Co., Ltd., which has more than 40 years of experience of the maritime transportation.
Leveraging our relationships with global shipping companies, we are steadily expanding our routes to Central and South America and other areas globally.
We have built vehicle terminals at major ports across the country to serve customers exporting from Japan to countries around the world.
We provide reliable and high-quality integrated transportation services, delivering the industry's highest level of satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers.
To be the only global business partner for as many customers as possible.
We look forward to working with people who share our goal.

Introducing our people

Keita Kondo


Reason for joining the company

I expected that I could make use of the academic fields and fields I studied at university. After graduating from Graduate School of Maritime Sciences / Faculty of Maritime Sciences at Kobe University, I found a job in a different industry. However, I always had this thought in my head, ``I want to work for a company where I can make use of what I learned at university,'' so I decided to change jobs. When I went to talk to a professor I had worked with in college (he was a graduate of the same university, so he was my senior), he said, ``I had a classmate from college who was a very interesting person, so I think it would be a good idea to talk to him about it.'' President Bando was the one who introduced me. I decided to join the company because I was fascinated by President Bando, who talks about many dreams, cares about young people, and speaks passionately about the spread of maritime ideas.

Charm of the company

- Full of unique human resources
There are many people who have changed jobs from other industries, and we have people who have accumulated a variety of knowledge and experience in addition to knowledge of shipping and ports. At first glance, it may seem unrelated, but perspectives and ways of thinking from other industries can be utilized throughout the work. I think the appeal of our company is that we have a lot of individuality.

・We provide an environment where you can study even after joining the company.
There is a system called qualification acquisition support system. Under this system, you can decide on the field you want to study, such as English or bookkeeping, and the company will support you with the purchase of textbooks and reference books. I also used this system to obtain Nissho bookkeeping test (Grade II), Health Supervisor (Grade I), and customs broker qualifications. When you become a member of society, your busy days begin. If you spend your time without a sense of purpose, time will fly by. Continuing to study even after entering the workforce will give you strength, so this system from a company that supports learning is very appealing.

Job details

This is the operation and management of a place called a terminal (in a more complicated term, it is called a bonded area) where used cars that are exported overseas are managed. We perform a wide variety of tasks such as calculating income and expenditures, creating annual budgets, meeting with port authorities and port operators, and adjusting the amount of cargo being brought in and out. Many people are involved in the work both inside and outside the company, so I have the opportunity to talk to many different people every day.

Memorable episode

I still remember working until late at night in our Kisarazu terminal when I first joined the company. It was a good experience for me to be trained by my seniors who are strict but kind. I was also impressed when I was assigned to accounting department and had an opportunity to learn the bookkeeping for the first time since my school days. I had no knowledge of accounting at all until then. Now I have acquired a certain amount of accounting knowledge and it is very useful when I make budgets as well as calculating income and expenditures.

Career step

April 2013 : Joined ECL Agency Co., Ltd. South West Asia Team, No. 1 Div., Sales Department
May 2013 - November 2013 : Terminal Business Division, Kawasaki Sales Office
December 2013 - March 2014 : Business Strategy Department, Head Office
April 2014 - March 2020 : Accounting Department, Administration & Management Division, Head Office
March 2020 to September 2021 : Document Service Division, Kobe Office
October 2021 - Present : Terminal Business Division, Senboku Sales Office

Atsushi Tokunaga


Reason for joining the company

The main point was the business content. Our main business is to support our clients who export used cars overseas. At the same time shipping and exporting vehicles is a major factor in Japanese trading industry, therefore it is important to know about this business in order to establish our future. Each country has different import regulations and transaction methods, and I feel I can learn things that I wouldn't have known if I wasn't in this industry.

Charm of the company

Our company provides good benefit package especially for higher costs such as rent and commutation.
In particular, they encourage and support to learn and acquire qualifications and you can get the financial support for educational materials or cash bonus if you acquire a certain qualification. If you learn something, educational material cost is not small sometimes, but their supports help to elevate our motivation for learning.

Job details

In many of our businesses, we are involved in start-up business.
I am mainly in charge of the legal affairs, such as drafting contracts and checking the consistency of business with various laws and regulations. Contracts are an essential scheme for any business, and you need to prepare appropriate documents in a speedy manner. I am also involved in business planning, and assist with income and expenditure calculations of each business as well as budgeting.

Memorable episode

We took over the management business of Shinmoji Marina in April 2023, and I was also involved in the business succession as a legal officer. This was my first big job after being assigned to the legal affairs department, but I am grateful that I could experience various kind of jobs such as negotiation regarding contracts with the previous business owner, or the one with the city that owns the land. I also learned that even if the details of a project are incomprehensible on paper, when I actually visited the site, I could understand it all at once. I actually realized the common saying “seeing is believing'' at my work then.

Career step

April 2022 to September 2023: Document Team, Fukuoka Branch
October 2023 - Present: In charge of legal affairs, Corporate Planning Division, Head Office

Atsushi Yoshimura


Reason for joining the company

I only considered to become a navigator when I was a student of the National Institute of Technology for the Merchant Marine. However, when I was looking for a job, I realized that I wanted to become a marine officer rather than a navigator and support crews from land. At that time, I participated in a tour of our company and was fascinated as they have various opportunities there. I could work on a large scale, such as working as a navigator at the parent company (shipping line), or as a port agent for a foreign shipping company, or even managing a huge terminal all over Japan.
The generous welfare benefits such as housing support is also attractive.

Charm of the company

I am always able to work with a fresh mindset as I am involved in a wide variety of tasks, including the operation of terminals across the country, sales to customers, customs clearance for automobile exports, and port agent job for foreign shipping companies.

Job details

I am in charge of terminal operation and port agency business for foreign ships in Kisarazu.
Terminal operations involve exporting our clients’ used cars. In our Kisarazu office, 8,000 to 10,000 cars are brought each month and we export them to overseas. We work hard every day to ensure smooth terminal operations and management by checking the daily incoming numbers of cars as well as the latest inventory each day, checking the fresh vessel movement and have mutual discussion with related partied in order to determine the best timing to bring them to the pier.

As a port agent, we carry out the necessary formalities when a foreign ship calls at Kisarazu. We also arrange various requests from the ship's captain after the ship enters the port. For instance, check the fresh movement with the captain or the shipping company and determine cargo operation dates, handle necessary formalities such as pre-arrival applications and port entry/departure notifications to customs office or immigration by input on NACCS system.
I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can make full use of what I learned at school or at my current job.

Memorable episode

There have been times when we were unable to keep tracking the ship's fresh movements and nearly unable to bring our cargoes on time. The date to bring cargoes to the pier is determined based on the ship's movement, but due to lack of confirmation of the fresh movement and lack of experience, the ship's arrival date got one day earlier than scheduled. At that time, I called a meeting immediately with my superiors and related companies, and I was able to catch the timing to bring all the cargoes on time. Also, when I in the ship to see off her departure, the captain and crews thanked us in Japanese, and it made me realize that I was able to support them from shore. Through this experience, I could feel my growth and fulfillment. It was a good opportunity for me to continue working in a proactive manner.

Career step

November 2022 to present : Kisarazu Office, Terminal Business Division

New graduate recruitement

Regular employee Work in variety-filled business environments, conducting business in a wide range of fields without committing to any particular sphere.  A few

[ Job details ]

  • Collection of cargoes (used cars)
  • Document creation such as customs clearance
  • Used car inventory management and shipping preparation, etc.

[ Preferred qualifications / skills ]

Driving license for passenger car, customs broker, bookkeeping, language skills (non-English foreign language speakers are welcome)

[ Apply to jobs ]

HR Team, General Affairs and Human Resources Department , Tokyo Head Office

*Currently positions for post-graduates are not available